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Feel free to have a dig around, there's not a lot here that's interesting if you don't know us.

And if you need a good DJ, try here, you either get it or you don't ;-)


Considerably cuter than their dad, its Caitlin & Rhiannon, a.k.a Mini Help(r) and Microhelp(r),





Click Here to go to their photo albums.

And they like helping their dad too.....

This week I have mostly been....

Comparing my Porsche style fan shroud to Darth Vadars jock strap, its Black, shiny and covers something of immense POWER!!!!


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Yay an update!

Its amazing what you can find for free on the web, and that's why the web site has a new look, FREE Templates yay!

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You can stick your dolphins and mottos, this is what Inspiration is all about.


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